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900 Crazy English (In Life) – Unit 35



Lesson 35: Deception
514 You tricked me!
515 I was deceived in this business deal.
516 His words were very deceptive.
517 You allowed yourself to be deceived.
518 Don’t be fooled by his friendly words.
519 He was completely fooled by his enemy.
520 Don’t let appearances deceive you.
521 You can’t fool me that easily.
522 He was tricked out of his money.
523 I can’t believe I was such a fool.
524 She would have contacted my parents if I couldn’t have come up with a good excuse.
525 It’s only a white lie, so it’s no big deal.
526 My conscience would weigh heavily on me.
527 I had to make something up so I wouldn’t get into trouble.
528 Are you sure that you had to be dishonest?