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900 Crazy English (In Life) – Unit 42



Lesson 42: Sweet Memories
619 Do you remember how the flowers used to smell on our farm?
620 You were wearing the blue dress on our first date.
621 I loved to sit under that oak tree as a child.
622 Some of my best memories are from college.
623 These pictures bring back some great memories.
624 Fresh grass always reminds me of childhood summers.
625 I love New York in the summer.
626 I can’t forget the way her hair smelled.
627 That reminds me of my first dog.
628 I still like thinking about my first girlfriend.
629 Pictures are nice, but I don’t need any reminders for such a milestone in our lives.
630 There have been many other moments since we’re become parents that I will remember just as much.
631 It’s a very significant moment in your life.
632 He reminds me of my first dog.
633 One of the best memories I have of him was when I first got him.