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900 Crazy English (In Life) – Unit 43



Lesson 43: Memorable People
634 Jeff was the funniest guy in our class.
635 The whole town thought Jim was a good mayor.
636 I’m glad to see that you still remember me.
637 How could I forget my favorite college professor?
638 Alfred was the tallest guy in our school.
639 Hector was the worst employer I ever had.
640 Our nation owes a lot to Martin Luther King Jr.
641 Susan was the prettiest girl in our town.
642 Karen had a beautiful singing voice.
643 He helped many people in his long career.
644 Have you kept in touch with many of your old classmates?
645 There is one person I’m positive I’ll recognize.
646 Nevertheless, she is someone I’ll never forget.
647 This autograph is worth a lot because he’s such a memorable figure in baseball and African-American history.
648 His courage won’t be forgotten.