900 Crazy English (In Life) – Unit 44



    Lesson 44: Ecstatic Experiences
    649 I love my new job.
    650 That surprise birthday party was great.
    651 This balloon ride is incredible.
    652 Our trip to the mountain was amazing.
    653 My first-time scuba diving was unforgettable.
    654 Tasting this chocolate is pure ecstasy.
    655 Parachuting gives me an incredible rush.
    656 It’s not safe, but I love driving fast.
    657 My greatest thrill is going on the roller coaster.
    658 I love the way these sheets feel wrapped around me.
    659 I can’t believe this is really happening!
    660 You’ll probably feel differently when some of the excitement has passed.
    661 I didn’t think I would get it, but I did.
    662 I do, but right now I’m so excited that nothing could rain on my parade.
    663 Why are you so worked up?