900 Crazy English (In Life) – Unit 45



    Lesson 45: Embarrassing Experiences
    664 I can’t believe I said something that stupid at the party.
    665 I just spilled my drink all over my pants.
    666 Halfway through my speech, I forgot the rest of what I wanted to say.
    667 I didn’t notice the stain until I got to work.
    668 He tripped and fell right in front of the guests.
    669 She came to the party in the same dress as me.
    670 My ex-girlfriend told everyone at the party about me.
    671 He was so sick that he vomited right in the middle of dinner.
    672 I just realized that this shirt isn’t clean.
    673 Someone told Bob what I said about him.
    674 That has to be my most embarrassing moment ever.
    675 That shouldn’t be enough to cause you to quit.
    676 That is a little embarrassing.
    677 Still you shouldn’t stop doing something you liked just because of one incident.
    678 I embarrassed myself the entire evening.