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900 Crazy English (In Life) – Unit 48



Lesson 48: Romantic Experiences
709 We went ice-skating on our first date.
710 He sang to me at the restaurant.
711 I asked her to marry me on the beach.
712 We took a trip to Hawaii together.
713 He sent me flowers at work.
714 She read me her favorite poem.
715 He used to walk me home from school every day.
716 This is our twentieth anniversary.
717 We learned to horseback ride together.
718 He cooked my favorite meal for me.
719 What did you and your boyfriend do for Valentine’s Day?
720 He surprised me with a tropical vacation.
721 This is the nicest gift that anyone has ever gotten me.
722 I think that this is the most romantic thing you’re ever done for me.
723 A moonlight stroll on the beach sounds like a great way to end the evening.