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900 Crazy English (In Life) – Unit 49



Lesson 49: Horrible Experiences
724 I saw a child begging on the street this morning.
725 The car hit him right in front of me.
726 His arm was cut very badly by the fan blade.
727 I was once beaten very badly by a robber.
728 After the crash, the doctors had to pick out glass from my leg.
729 I could hear the child crying all night outside.
730 Her baby was eaten by wolves.
731 The fire destroyed our entire house.
732 My aunt’s finger was cut off while she was working in a factory.
733 The accident left him blind in one eye.
734 I cut myself while fixing the lawnmower.
735 He was on a business trip and was on his way home when the terrorists killed him.
736 It was the single worst terrorist attack that the world has ever seen.
737 I have two broken ribs, and they hurt when I move too much.
738 I managed to punch one of them, but I couldn’t take on both of them at the same time.