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900 Crazy English (In Life) – Unit 52



Lesson 52: Adventurous Experiences
769 I spent this summer fighting forest fires.
770 My brother is a rodeo rider.
771 John is a New York City firefighter.
772 She was trapped on a mountain in Tibet for almost a day.
773 His raft turned over in rough whitewater.
774 Have you ever seen a bullfight in Spain?
775 I love bungee cord jumping.
776 The adrenalin rush is incredible.
777 I live for excitement.
778 I’m planning to climb Mount Denali in Alaska.
779 I was worried that I would chicken out the first time I tried it,
780 but I found out that you get so caught up in the excitement that you don’t have time to be scared.
781 Everything happens so quickly that you won’t have time to start worrying.
782 Not everyone can say that they’re climbed some of the tallest mountains in the world.
783 Every year some people are killed falling off cliffs, getting caught in avalanches, or from exposure to the elements.
784 I prefer to rough it when I go camping.