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900 Crazy English (In Life) – Unit 53



Lesson 53: Exciting Experiences
785 Walking across the street in China can be very exciting.
786 A predictable life isn’t very exciting.
787 You need a little bit of excitement in your life.
788 I always get excited about Christmas.
789 This movie is incredibly thrilling.
790 I’m very excited about my future.
791 I can’t contain my excitement about traveling to Japan.
792 I don’t think I can stand much more excitement.
793 He’s excited at the idea of moving.
794 Don’t excite the children.
795 It’s not every day you get the opportunity to study and live in a foreign country.
796 I can’t help but be happy that I get to study in Paris for an entire year.
797 I remember one Christmas while you were so excited that you waited up for Santa all night long.
798 I can’t wait to tell all my friends.
799 I’m going to get to see the ground from high up in the air, just like a bird.