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900 Crazy English (In Life) – Unit 58



Lesson 58: Peaceful Experiences
860 It’s very quiet up here on the mountain.
861 This street is so much more peaceful than the rest of the city.
862 The church is a very calm place to pray.
863 This music soothes my soul.
864 Let’s go have a nice day in the park.
865 My vacation was very relaxing.
866 Rowing on the lake in the morning helps clear my mind.
867 Meditation helps me deal with stress.
868 I’m most calm after a long run.
869 I want to retire to a cabin deep in the forest.
870 You should take up some activities that help you to relax.
871 I take classes in yoga to help me unwind.
872 It’s very peaceful and helps you clear your mind of all thoughts and worries that can cause you stress.
873 When I really want to relax, I like to be alone.
874 I was so relaxed by my day at the beach, that I fell asleep in the sun.