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900 Crazy English (In Life) – Unit 59



Lesson 59: Failure
875 I’m sure I just failed that exam.
876 Terry just lost that account for our company.
877 He gambled away most of his savings.
878 The cook ruined this meal.
879 The attempt ended in complete failure.
880 She failed to find any solution to the problem.
881 I can’t find any kind of job in this town.
882 Tim finished last in the race.
883 Bill lost the election for mayor.
884 He couldn’t finish the report on time.
885 During the talent portion, my voice broke when I went to go for a high note.
886 I did get a new job, but then I got fired.
887 I can’t believe I failed so horribly.
888 At least you learned a valuable lesson about not getting in over your head.
889 I lost my job, so I couldn’t afford to live on my own anymore.