Death in the Freezer

Death in the Freezer
When Ellen was six, her brother was born. Her parents was very happy to have a son, but she was upset cause all their attention now was fixed on new baby whom called Al. As Ellen grown up, she was in difficult position. Her husband left her with three children and no money. But Al was very successful, he established a rock band that became a quite popular – they made records and earn a lot of money.

Soon Al was rich and popular, as a result he has all that wanted and spent a lot of time holding parties and taking drugs. Brother didn’t want to share his fortune with sister, but he agreed to hire her to work as a cleaning woman. Once Al returned from tour he looked very ill, also he brought some new weird friends, they shared with Ellen their crazy ideas about human life.


  1. AIDS: a very serious and dangerous illness
  2. alarm: (n) a loud sound which tells people that something wrong or dangerous is happening
  3. apartment: a flat; a group of rooms in a building where you can live
  4. bacteria: the smallest forms of life which are found in all living and dead animals and plants; some bacteria cause illnesses
  5. card: a small piece of hard paper
  6. care: (v) to think that something is important or interesting
  7. clean: not dirty
  8. company: people who work togerher in a business
  9. crazy: we say someone is crazy when they do strangeor dangerous things
  10. cure: (v) to make a sick person well
  11. doll: a toy that looks like a person
  12. dream: (n) pictures in your head when you are a sleep
  13. drugs: dangerous things which people eat or inject, and which make them feel happy or excited for a short time
  14. drunk: (adj) doing strangeor wild things because of drinking a lot of alcohol
  15. electricity: power rhat can make heat and light
  16. fingerprints: marks that your fingers make when you touch something
  17. flashlight: a small electric light which you hold in your hand
  18. freezer: a machine that makes food (or other things) very cold
  19. freeze: (past tense froze) to make something very cold
  20. frozen: very cold, and hard like ice
  21. gas: anything like air, which you usually cannot see
  22. guilty: if you are guilty, you have done something bad or wrong
  23. hate: (v) to dislike very strongly; the opposite of ‘to love’
  24. healthy: well and strong; not ill
  25. heart attack: a sudden illness when the heart stops working and sometimesthe persondies
  26. ice: water which is very cold and hard like rock
  27. idea: when you think of something new
  28. kids: children
  29. law court: a place where judges and lawyers ask questions and decide if someone is a criminal or not
  30. lawyer: someone who helps people with the law
  31. look after: to take care of something; to keep it safe
  32. maybe: perhaps
  33. medicine: something to eat or drink that helps you to get better when you are ill
  34. motorbike: a bicycle with an engine
  35. record: (n) a round thing which plays music through a record player
  36. rock band: a group of people who play pop or rock music
  37. safe: not dangerous
  38. save: to take someone out of danger
  39. science: the study of natural things (physics,biology, etc. are sciences)
  40. shut up: a rude way of saying ‘be quiet’
  41. sick: ill
  42. swimming pool: a special place or building for swimming
  43. switch: (v and n) to press something (e.g.a switch on a wall) to turn electriciry on or off
  44. syringe: an instrument with a needle which is used to inject medicines or drugs through the skin
  45. tennis court: a place where people play tennis (a ball game)
  46. tour: (n) a journey to visit a lot of places
  47. training: learning how to do a lob
  48. trial: when people go to a law court to decide if someone is a criminal
  49. trust (v) to feel sure that someone is good, strong, right, etc.
  50. view: what you can see from a window, a mountain top, etc.
  51. whisky: a strong alcoholic drink, from Scotland


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