Formula One

Formula One
learn english through story Formula One
It’s an exciting life – full of fast cars, money, and travel. The names of Formula One champions are known all over the world. And everywhere young drivers dream of success one day in Monaco, Melbourne, Monza…

But it is a difficult life too. Drivers need strong bodies – and minds. They need to think quickly, drive hard, and sometimes look death in the face. This is the dangerous, exciting world of Formula One – where the world’s best drivers have only seconds to win or lose a race.


  1. advertise to tell people about something you want to sell; (n) advertising
  2. airfield a place where private planes take off and land
  3. barrier something that stops people moving from one place to another
  4. beat (of the heart) to make a regular movement
  5. brake (n & v) to make a car go slower
  6. champion the best player in a sport; (n) championship
  7. concentrateto think carefully about just one thing
  8. cup a large gold or silver cup given as a prize in a competition
  9. design (v & n) to draw a plan that shows how to make something; (n) designer
  10. energy power that you can use to do something, make something move etc.
  11. environment the air, water, land, animals, and plants around us equipment special things that you need for doing something
  12. exercises something that you do to make your mind or body strong
  13. fan a person who enjoys something very much
  14. fitness being healthy and strong
  15. force an effect that makes things move in a particular way
  16. frame strong pieces of metal that give something its shape
  17. fuel the liquid that is burnt to make a car go; fuel tank a metal box in a car that holds the fuel
  18. gear a part of a car’s engine that controls how fast it goes
  19. Grand Prix a race in the Formula One competition
  20. hare a small animal with long ears that can run very fast
  21. helmet a kind of hard hat that protects the head
  22. kart a small motor vehicle used for racing; karting the sport of racing karts
  23. layer something flat that lies on another thing
  24. logo a design that a company uses as its special sign
  25. marshal a person who controls the crowds and deals with problems at sports events
  26. material what you use for making or doing something
  27. model a small copy of something used for planning or design
  28. penalty a punishment for somebody who breaks a rule in sport
  29. paint to put coloured liquid on something to change its colour
  30. pit crew the people who work in the pits
  31. point (n) a mark that you win in a competition
  32. powerful having a lot of strength or power
  33. practise (v) to do something again and again because you want to get better at it; (n) practice
  34. protect to keep somebody or something safe
  35. qualifying session the laps that decide where the drivers go on the starting grid for the race
  36. race (n & v) a competition to see who can run, drive etc. the fastest
  37. react to do something in answer to something that has happened
  38. rule something that says what you must or must not do
  39. run-off area a place where cars can leave the track safely
  40. safety belt something that holds a driver safely in his seat to protect him in an accident
  41. sand very small pieces of rock that you find on beaches
  42. speed how fast something goes
  43. sponsor a company that pays for a sporting event in return for advertising
  44. steering wheel the wheel that the driver turns to make a car change direction
  45. team a group of people who work together
  46. technology using science to build and make new things
  47. temperature how hot or cold something is
  48. test (v & n) to use something to find out if it works well
  49. track a special road made for cars to race on
  50. tunnel a long hole under the ground for a road
  51. tyre a thick rubber ring that goes on the outside of a car wheel
  52. visualization seeing a picture of something in your mind
  53. war fighting between armies of different countries


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