Live And Let Die

Live And Let Die

In Live and Let Die, Bond finds himself in Jamaica investigating the underworld criminal ‘Mr Big’, who is suspected of selling antique gold coins to finance Soviet spy operations. As usual, Bond gets caught up in many dangerous situations. He also falls in love with Mr Big’s girlfriend, the mysterious and beautiful Solitaire.





  1. mine: a bomb that is hidden under the ground or under water and explodes when it is touched. A limpet mine is attached to a boat or ship.
  2. gambling: an activity in which you risk money in the hope of winning more if you are lucky
  3. naval conference: a conference is a large meeting where people who are interested in a particular subject discuss ideas. A naval conference is a meeting where people discuss ideas relating to a country’s navy – the part of a country’s armed forces that uses ships.
  4. intercom: a system that allows people in different parts of a building, aircraft or ship to speak to each other
  5. Commander in Chief: someone in charge of the whole of the armed forces in a country
  6. melted down – to melt something down: to use heat to change a metal into a liquid
  7. gold bar: gold is a heavy yellow metal which is used by every country in the world as a form of money. Before it is made into coins, gold is valued by weight and stored as a solid block of gold called a gold bar.
  8. network: a group of people or organizations that work together
  9. sleeping car attendant: someone whose job is to help people who travel on a part of a train that has beds in it for passengers to sleep in
  10. yacht: a large expensive boat that is used for racing or sailing
  11. gangster: a member of an organized group of criminals
  12. SMERSH: in the past, SMERSH was a part of the Russian Secret Service. The name meant Death to Spies.
  13. Idlewild Airport: the name for J. F. Kennedy Airport in New York before 1964
  14. chauffeur: someone whose job is to drive a rich or important person around in their car
  15. CIA: the Central Intelligence Agency: a US government organization that collects secret information about other countries and protects secret information about the US
  16. FBI: the Federal Bureau of Investigation: a US government department that deals with serious crimes that affect more than one state
  17. case: a crime that the police are trying to solve
  18. threatened — to threaten someone: to tell someone that you will cause them harm or problems, especially in order to make them do something
  19. collar: the part of a coat, shirt or dress that goes around your neck
  20. casual: casual clothes or shoes are comfortable and suitable for wearing in informal situations
  21. holster: a leather container for a small gun that is fixed to a belt
  22. foot: a unit used for measuring length that is equal to 12 inches or about 30 centimetres
  23. arranged – to arrange to do something: to make plans for something to happen
  24. Homicide: the department of the police that deals with homicide – the crime of killing someone
  25. Jetty: a long narrow structure that goes from the land out into a lake, sea or river to provide a place for boats to stop
  26. bait: food that is used for attracting and catching fish
  27. coral: a hard pink, white or red substance that grows in the sea
  28. aquarium: a glass container for fish and other water animals
  29. tropical: from the hottest parts of the world
  30. warehouse: a big building where large amounts of goods are stored
  31. switchboard: the electronic equipment that is used to connect telephone calls in a large business or organization 
  32. whisper: to speak very quietly to someone so that other people cannot hear you. This quiet way of speaking is called a whisper. The man at the switchboard is called The Whisper because his job is to give people secret messages from Mr Big.
  33. headset: a piece of radio or telephone equipment that you wear over your ears with a part that you can speak into
  34. steel: a strong, silver metal
  35. urgently: expressing the feeling of wanting something very much or wanting it immediately
  36. warn: to tell someone about a possible problem or danger so that they can avoid it or deal with it
  37. boxer: someone who takes part in boxing – a sport in which two people fight each other wearing large leather gloves
  38. Sweetcom: the small yellow seeds of maize plants which are cooked and eaten as a vegetable
  39. pretended – to pretend: to behave in a particular way because you want someone to believe that something is true when it is not
  40. act: a short performance
  41. mask: something that you wear in order to cover part or all of your face
  42. riding whip: a long thin piece of leather with a handle on one end that is used for making horses move faster
  43. investigate: to try to find out all the facts about something in order to learn the truth about it
  44. treasury: the government department responsible for a country’s financial matters
  45. inch: a unit for measuring length that is equal to 2.54 centimetres
  46. telepathic: able to communicate using telepathy – the ability of people to communicate directly with another person’s mind, without using words
  47. Solitaire: the woman is from Haiti, where one of the official languages is French. Solitaire is the French word for alone or hnely. The woman is called Solitaire because she chooses not to have a boyfriend or husband.
  48. playing cards: playing cards are pieces of strong card or paper with numbers and pictures printed on them. There are four swits – or different families – in a pack (or deck) of playing cards. These are spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs …. Each suit has 13 cards in it: ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, jack or knave, queen and king. The ace, jack or knave, queen and king have different values in some card games … Solitaire uses a queen o f spades, which has an image of a black woman, to represent herself and a knave of hearts, which has an image of a man, to represent James Bond.
  49. Damn you!: an impolite expression used when you are annoyed with someone
  50. sweat: to produce a liquid called sweat on the surface of your skin when you are hot, nervous or ill
  51. fain ted – to faint: to suddenly be in a state like sleep, in which you do not see, feel or think, for a short time
  52. bullet: a small piece of metal that is shot from a gun and causes serious damage to the person or thing it hits
  53. swore – to swear: to use words that are deliberately offensive, for example because you are angry
  54. nuisance: someone or something that is annoying or causes continuous problems
  55. injured: hurt in an accident or attack. Physical harm done to a person or part of their body is called an injury.
  56. steel-capped: when the top front part of a shoe or boot is covered with steel
  57. knocked out – to knock someone out: to make someone fall to the ground in a state like sleep, in which they do not see, feel or think
  58. grinned – to grin: to smile showing your teeth
  59. conductor: someone on a bus or train who checks passengers’ tickets and collects money
  60. Causeway: a raised road or path across ground that is wet or covered by water
  61. subway: an underground tunnel that people can walk through to go under a road or under train tracks
  62. cottage: a small house, usually in a village or in the countryside
  63. kidnapped – to kidnap someone: to illegally take someone away and make them a prisoner, especially in order to make their family or a government give you money. The act of doing this is called kidnapping.
  64. signal: a piece of equipment with coloured lights on it that tells the driver of a vehicle to stop, go or slow down
  65. waterfront: an area of land that is next to a river, lake or the sea
  66. trigger: the part of a gun that you pull with your finger to make the gun fire
  67. cop: a police officer
  68. clue: an object or fact that helps someone to solve a crime or mystery
  69. patient: someone who is receiving medical treatment
  70. bandage: a long thin piece of material that you put around an injured part of your body
  71. alibi: someone who has an alibi can prove that they were somewhere else when a crime was committed
  72. tank: a glass container for fish, snakes etc
  73. harbour: an area of water near the land where it is safe for boats to stay
  74. torch: a small electric light that you hold in your hand
  75. Poisonous: a poisonous animal or plant is capable of producing poison – a substance that can kill you or make you ill if you eat, drink or breathe it
  76. blade: the thin sharp part of a knife, tool or weapon that cuts things
  77. yard: a unit for measuring length that is equal to 0.91 metres
  78. passageway: a long narrow area with walls on each side that leads from one room or place to another
  79. trapdoor: a small door that covers an opening in the floor, ceiling or wall
  80. patch: a cover that you wear over an injured eye
  81. treasure hunter: a hunter is someone who looks for a particular thing. Treasure hunters look for treasure – valuable things, for example jewels, gold etc
  82. suspicious: if something is suspicious, you think that it might be bad or dangerous
  83. frogman suit: a frogman is someone who does police or military work under water. Frogmen wear special clothes, or suits, and use special equipment.
  84. compressed air bottle: a container for air, used for breathing under water
  85. harpoon: a pole with a thin sharp part that is fixed to a rope, used for hunting whales and big fish
  86. binoculars: a piece of equipment with two parts that you hold against your eyes and look through to see distant objects
  87. anchor: to prevent a boat from moving by dropping a heavy object called an anchor into the water
  88. palm tree: a tropical tree without branches that has large wide leaves growing from its top
  89. undertaker: someone whose job is to make arrangements for a funeral – the ceremony that takes place after someone dies
  90. mile: a unit for measuring distance, equal to 1.609 kilometres or 1760 yards
  91. canoe: a light narrow boat that you push through the water using a short pole with a flat end or with two flat ends called a paddle
  92. dagger: a small weapon with a short handle and a long sharp blade
  93. fuse: an object like string, or a piece of electrical equipment, that is used to make a bomb explode
  94. coral reef: a hard natural structure under the sea that is formed from coral
  95. stretcher: a type of bed that is used for carrying someone who is injured or ill
  96. octopus: a sea animal with a soft round body and eight long arms
  97. shackles: a pair of connected metal rings that can be locked onto the wrists or legs of a prisoner
  98. briefcase: a case for carrying documents
  99. arrest: if the police arrest someone, they take that person to a police station because they think that he or she has committed a crime
  100. smuggling: the activity of taking someone or something secretly or illegally into or out of a place
  101. claim: an official request for something that you believe you have a right to

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