When a large plane is hijacked, the Prime Minister looks at the list of passengers and suddenly becomes very, very frightened.

There is a name on the list that the Prime Minister knows very well – too well. There is someone on that plane who will soon be dead – if the hijackers can find out who he is!

And there isn’t much time. One man lies dead on the runway. In a few minutes the hijackers will use their guns again. And the Prime Minister knows who they are going to kill.



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  1. aboard: on a plane or a ship
  2. advise: to tell someone what they should do
  3. aisle a place between lines of seats (e.g. on a plane, in a theatre) where you can walk
  4. ambassador a person sent to a foreign country to speak for his own country’s government
  5. attack (v) to try to hurt someone or something
  6. bend (past tense bent) to turn the top half of the body downwards
  7. binoculars very strong glasses used to see things far away
  8. cabin a room on a plane or a ship
  9. chest the front part of the body between the neck and stomach
  10. colonel an important officer in the army
  11. commando section a group of soldiers specially trained for making quick attacks
  12. control room the building in an airport where people control air traffic by radio
  13. crew the pilot and all the people who work on a plane
  14. deal with to do something that needs doing
  15. decision what you have decided
  16. departure lounge a room in an airport where passengers wait
  17. embassy the building where an ambassador lives and works
  18. fire (v) to shoot a gun
  19. fist a closed hand with fingers turned inwards
  20. flash (n) a sudden, very bright light for a very short time
  21. flight a journey on a plane
  22. forehead the part of the face above the eyes
  23. freedom being free; able to do what you want to do
  24. fuel tanker a large vehicle for carrying petrol
  25. gentleman a polite word for a man
  26. goddam (adj, slang) a word used to show you feel strongly about something (e.g. goddam plane)
  27. government the group of people who control a country
  28. groan (v) to make a deep, sad sound
  29. handcuff (v) to lock someone’s hands together with handcuffs (metal rings around the wrists)
  30. hell a word used with question-words (e.g. Where the hell …) to show anger or surprise
  31. hijacker a person who takes control of a plane and makes the pilot fly to a different place
  32. homework schoolwork which you do at home
  33. honey a word for someone you love very much
  34. hostess a woman who takes care of passengers on a plane
  35. innocent an ‘innocent’ person has done nothing bad or wrong
  36. inspector an important police officer
  37. instruments in a plane, instruments tell the pilot how high the plane is, how much fuel there is, etc.
  38. interrupt to stop somebody talking by speaking yourself
  39. journalist a person who writes for newspapers, television, etc.
  40. kneel (past tense knelt) to go down or stay with your knees on the ground
  41. liberation freedom
  42. list (n) a piece of paper with names written on it
  43. local time the time in the place you are talking about
  44. ma’am madam; a polite way of speaking to a woman
  45. machine gun a gun that fires a lot of bullets very fast
  46. marine a soldier who is trained to fight on land or sea
  47. military base a place where soldiers live and work
  48. military men men from an army; soldiers
  49. nervous afraid
  50. on time neither late nor early; at the agreed or correct time
  51. open-necked with the top buttons of a shirt undone
  52. pause (v) to stop for a moment;
  53. pause (n) a short stop
  54. pig a farm animal; in this story, a word for a very bad person
  55. point (v) to show with your hand or finger where something is
  56. pool some liquid (water, blood, etc.) on the ground
  57. pour to put liquids (water, tea, coffee, etc.) into something
  58. power people like prime ministers, presidents, etc. have power; they can tell other people what to do pray to talk to God
  59. press (v) to push hard
  60. prime minister the most important person in a government
  61. refuel to bring more fuel to a plane, ship, etc.
  62. SAS Special Air Service; specially trained British soldiers who are used for difficult kinds of fighting, e.g. against terrorists
  63. set free to make someone free, e.g. from a prison, from a hijack
  64. skyjack a hijack in the air
  65. sweat water that comes out of the skin when you are hot or afraid
  66. take apart to destroy; to win a battle in a very violent way
  67. tarmac a hard material used for roads, airports, etc.
  68. tear (n) water that comes from your eyes when you cry
  69. tear (past tense tore) to pull something to pieces
  70. terrorists very violent people who kill, or promise to kill, other people if they don’t get what they want
  71. throw (past tense threw) to make something move through the air
  72. tough (of a person) strong, hard, brave
  73. transmitter a radio that sends messages
  74. tray a piece of wood (or plastic, etc.) for carrying food and drink

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