Sense and Sensibility

Sense and Sensibility
Sense and Sensibility 1
Sometimes the Dashwood girls do not seem like sisters. Elinor is all calmness and reason, and can be relied upon for practical, common sense opinions. Marianne, on the other hand, is all sensibility, full of passionate and romantic feeling. She has no time for dull common sense – or for middle-aged men of thirty-five, long past the age of marriage.

True love can only be felt by the young, of course. And if your heart is broken at the age of seventeen, how can you ever expect to recover from the passionate misery that fills your life, waking and sleeping?


  1. admire: to have a very good opinion of someone or something
  2. affection: a strong feeling of liking or love; (adj) affectionate
  3. agitated: showing in your behaviour that you are anxious and nervous
  4. approve: to think that someone or something is good or right
  5. astonish: to surprise someone very much
  6. attachment: a feeling of liking or love for a place or person
  7. attract: to cause a person to like someone
  8. attractiveness: the appearance or qualities that make a person pleasant to look at or to be with
  9. bachelor: an unmarried man
  10. bear: (v) to suffer pain or unhappiness; to accept something unpleasant without complaint
  11. blush: (v) to become red in the face, especially when embarrassed
  12. carriage: a vehicle, pulled by horses, for carrying people
  13. the Church: the Anglican Church (the Church of England)
  14. comfort: (n) having a pleasant life, with everything you need
  15. comfort: (v) to be kind and sympathetic to someone who is worried or unhappy
  16. cottage: a small, simple house, usually in the country
  17. debt: money that is owed to someone
  18. debtor: a person who owes money
  19. deceive: to make someone believe something that is not true
  20. deserve: to be good enough, or worthy enough, for something
  21. duel: a formal fight with weapons between two people, used in the past to decide an argument, often about a question of honour
  22. elegant: graceful and attractive in appearance; (n)
  23. elegance fair: treating people equally or in the right way
  24. firm: (adj) strong and determined in attitude and behaviour
  25. frost: a thin white covering of ice on the ground in cold weather
  26. gain: (v) to obtain or win something that you need or want
  27. gentleman: a man of good family and social position
  28. Good heavens! an exclamation of surprise
  29. honour: (n) (1) the quality of knowing and doing what is morally right; (2) a great pleasure or privilege
  30. hospitable: welcoming and generous to guests and visitors
  31. infection: an illness which can easily be passed on to others
  32. inheritance: money or property that you receive from someone when they die; (v) to inherit
  33. lack: (n) not having something, or not having enough of something; (v) to lack
  34. living: (n) (in the past) a position in the Church as a priest, and the income and house that go with this
  35. lock: (n) a length or curl of hair
  36. mistress: (in the past) the female head of a house, who employs the servants
  37. mother-in-law: the mother of your husband or wife
  38. opportunity: a chance, the right time for doing something
  39. passion: a strong feeling or emotion, especially of love or hate; (adj) passionate
  40. praise: (v) to express your admiration and good opinion of someone; (n) praise
  41. recover: (v) to get better after an illness; (n) recovery
  42. relieved: glad that a problem has gone away; (n) relief
  43. respect: (v) to admire and have a high opinion of someone because of their good qualities; (n) respect
  44. rival: (n) someone who competes with another person (e.g. in love)
  45. romantic: very imaginative and emotional; not looking at situations in a realistic way
  46. scoundrel: a man who treats other people badly, especially by being dishonest or immoral
  47. seduce: to persuade someone (usually young and inexperienced) to have sex against their wishes
  48. sensibility: the ability to understand and experience deep feelings; the quality of being strongly affected by emotional influences
  49. sink: (v) to go down, or to cause to become, lower; to move downwards (e.g. by sitting or falling)
  50. sob: (v) to cry loudly and very unhappily
  51. sociable: fond of being with other people; friendly
  52. sorrow: a feeling of great sadness
  53. spoil: to do too much for a child, so that it has a bad effect on their character; (adj) spoilt
  54. stepmother: the woman who is married to your father but who is not your real mother
  55. subject: (n) the thing or person that is being discussed
  56. taste: (n) the ability to choose or recognize things which are elegant, attractive and pleasing
  57. trust: (v) to have confidence in someone, and in their ability to keep a secret
  58. vicar: a priest in the Church of England
  59. vulgar: low, common, coarse, lacking in taste or manners


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