Red Roses

Red Roses
Red Roses
‘Who is the man with the roses in his hand?’ thinks Anna.
‘I want to meet him.’
‘Who is the girl with the guitar?’ thinks Will. ‘I like her. I want to meet her.’
But they do not meet.
‘There are lots of men!’ says Anna’s friend Vicki, but Anna cannot forget Will. And then one rainy day . . .
  1. a bit a small amount, not much
  2. along from one end of something to the other end
  3. anybody any person
  4. apartment a group of rooms for living in
  5. around in different places
  6. dear you say this when you speak to someone you like or love
  7. funny strange
  8. girlfriend a girl who is a man’s special friend
  9. gran grandmother — the mother of your father or mother
  10. inside into a room or building
  11. lovely very nice
  12. music what you make when you sing, or play the piano, guitar, etc
  13. outside out of a room or building
  14. ring (v) make a sound like a bell (e.g. a telephone rings)
  15. smell (v) notice something with your nose
  16. upstairs to or in the higher part of a building
  17. voice you speak and sing with your voice



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  1. Actually, I don’t understand the 7 levels of learning.
    I am very grateful if someone helps me understand better. Thanks u so muchs !